Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

  • Seek A Temporary Reduction In The Amount Of Child Support That You Are Required To Pay

    You have consistently made your child support payments on time, but are temporarily suffering from a financial hardship and finding that it is becoming impossible to stretch your money from payday to payday. Avoid the possibility of being held in contempt of court by potentially missing a child support payment by seeking a temporary reduction for the time being. Fill Out Paperwork Necessary For A Modification It isn't uncommon to seek a modification in a child support order, so don't feel as if you are a failure or are letting your children and ex-spouse down.

  • What To Do When Your Teen Wants To Move In With Their Other Parent

    Your child has lived with you since your divorce, but now they have entered their teen years, and they would prefer to live with their other parent. Their decision may leave you feeling sad or alone, and you may have some concerns regarding your current custody agreement, too. So, how should you proceed? Begin by following these steps. 1. Talk to your lawyer. Whether or not you have a written custody agreement, it is a good idea to talk to your family attorney about your situation.

  • Will Contesting 101: Understanding The Basics

    When you lose a loved one, you will find yourself facing a series of legal steps to enforce their will. If for any reason you question the validity of the will, you may want to contest it. Before you do, there are a few things that you should know. Here's a look at the fundamentals of contesting a will. You May Not Be Eligible To Contest It The law only allows for certain people to contest a will.

  • When You've Got Those Accident Blues

    Unfortunately, being involved in a car accident is about more than being depressed. If you've been hurt by a careless driver, it can affect nearly every area of life. Fortunately, the personal injury process has a solution available that could allow you to get paid money damages for your distress. Read on to learn more about how the misery your accident caused can be turned into dollars and cents. Pain and Suffering

  • How To Keep Kids From Feeling Like They're Stuck In The Middle

    Divorce affects more than just you or your ex-spouse; it affects your children, too. You may not even realize that you could be the one causing the problem. Your kids may feel like they're stuck in the middle of your divorce, which could end up causing anger issues, or could make your child resent you or your ex over the situation. See below for tips on how to prevent getting your kids caught up in the middle of your divorce.

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Talking About Family Attorney Services

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