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Physical Vs. Legal Custody: Understand The Difference Before You Make Agreements

Custody rights to the children tend to be one of the most hotly contested issues of any divorce—but most people think of custody as being one “all-inclusive” thing, which isn’t accurate. Custody is split into two different categories: physical and legal. It’s important to understand the difference before you start hashing out the terms of any […]

Can You File For Divorce While Your Spouse Is Deployed?

Marriages don’t always work out, but your spouse being deployed won’t necessarily stop you from filing for divorce. This situation won’t be ideal, but it allows you to get the legal ball rolling. Here is all you need to know about filing for divorce while your spouse is deployed with the military. Decide Carefully Where […]

Alienation Of Affection: Is It Still A Valid Legal Issue?

With many divorces now being settled as no-fault affairs, you may be surprised to learn that you can still sue for “alienation of affection” in seven states: Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Utah. In these states, you can sue a third party that you blame for ruining your marriage. If […]

Refuting Common Myths About Criminal Cases

When a  person is faced with a criminal charge, it is critical for them to be as informed as possible. Unfortunately, many individuals are poorly informed about the criminal justice system, and this may make it difficult for them to make smart choices or to understand what to expect. If you have limited experience or […]

4 Things You Should Do When Preparing To Divorce

Even though you may already know that your marriage is ending, you may not have filed for divorce yet. Instead of waiting to start preparing for the proceedings after you file, it is often best to take certain measures beforehand. Here are a few of them: Gather your financial data. Financial information will be used […]