Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

When You've Got Those Accident Blues

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Unfortunately, being involved in a car accident is about more than being depressed. If you've been hurt by a careless driver, it can affect nearly every area of life. Fortunately, the personal injury process has a solution available that could allow you to get paid money damages for your distress. Read on to learn more about how the misery your accident caused can be turned into dollars and cents.

Pain and Suffering

This is the term that civil law uses to describe the unfathomable discomfort that accompanies a car wreck. Make no mistake about it, however, you can only reap pain and suffering compensation by seeking damages using legal action. The insurance company is not interested in the way the wreck has made you feel or disrupted your life; they're more about your medical expenses and your vehicle.

How are Pain and Suffering Measured?

There are two ways to evaluate this form of damage, and both require you to keep careful track of your expenses and your pain.

Keeping a Pain Journal

Most personal injury attorneys, like those at Maruca Law, suggest using a notebook to record your day-to-day efforts to recover from the wreck, but you will undoubtedly find it therapeutic as well. Think of it as a journal, and record not only your thoughts and feelings, but the many tasks required when dealing with an injury and a wrecked car. With a record of how you suffered, you can make it more clear to the insurance attorney or adjuster just how deserving you are of payment for pain and suffering.

Keeping up With Medical Costs

For once, the high cost of medical treatment may be in your favor. Keep up with all of your medical expenses, whether reimbursed, or covered, or not paid at all. This dollar amount is a key component to the calculation for pain and suffering and is used by attorneys and the insurance carrier to help compute misery into money.

The insurance company looks at it this way: the higher your medical costs, the more likely it is that your medical condition influenced your level of pain and suffering. They feed this number into a calculation that assigns a factor to be multiplied; then the other expenses are added to that figure. This is the figure that forms the starting point for settlement negotiations and is used by both sides.

Talk to a personal injury attorney and get the compensation you deserve.


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