Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

  • When Transgendered People Divorce: Be Ready To Face These Issues

    During a divorce, a bitter, angry spouse that feels rejected or betrayed may be looking for any issue that can be latched onto in order to make the ordeal worse for the other spouse. Unfortunately, if you're transgendered, your spouse may use that issue to try to paint you in a negative light and make child custody and visitation difficult. Here's what you need to be prepared to face. Your mental stability and safety as a parent may be questioned.

  • Examining The Reasons You And Your Spouse Might Consider Legal Separation

    While many couples that want to be apart want to divorce as soon as possible, some others only want separation and not divorce. A couple may want to end their relationship with one another but be bound in marriage for financial or religious reasons. Learn more about legal separation and whether it would be a good option for you and your spouse. Remaining Married Due To Religious Beliefs For some couples, getting a divorce is forbidden by their religious beliefs.

  • 2 Ways That A Divorce Attorney Can Help You With Child Support Agreement

    One of the most common misconceptions about divorce attorneys is that their assistance stops once your divorce has been finalized. However, many divorce attorneys can help you deal with an ex-spouse that is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities per the divorce agreement, such as by missing or refusing to pay child support. Listed below are two ways that a divorce attorney can help you deal with child support issues.

  • How Much Can I Expect Child Support To Be?

    If you and your spouse are divorcing and have minor children, one of you will likely be ordered to pay child support. Unless you and your spouse agree to shared or 50/50 custody and both of you make the exact same amount of money, child support will be ordered. It may help to understand what factors go into the child support calculations so that you can plan ahead and budget for the future, so read on to learn more about how child support amounts are determined.

  • 4 Ways To Establish New Ways Of Positive Co-Parenting With Your Ex

    Divorce isn't easy on any family, but Psychology Today reports that children will ultimately be better off with two happily divorced parents than miserable married ones. It's possible for the divorce to be amicable, and you can agree to work out custody in a way that works for everyone if you keep communication open and choose to behave in a supportive way with one another. From the decision to divorce to appointments with your family law attorney to the time the court declares you legally divorced, try to stay positive.

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