Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

4 Things You Should Do When Preparing To Divorce

Norman Kelly

Even though you may already know that your marriage is ending, you may not have filed for divorce yet. Instead of waiting to start preparing for the proceedings after you file, it is often best to take certain measures beforehand. Here are a few of them:

Gather your financial data.

Financial information will be used to help determine whether or not alimony or child support will be provided. In addition, it can help the judge disseminate the financial obligations and property that will be divided during the divorce.

If you are uncomfortable maintaining the original copy of certain bills and other documents, make photocopies. The financial records should include your credit card statements, account information from your banks, your wills, your retirement account information and any titles to property that you own.

Start establishing separate finances.

Joint accounts can be used to accrue bills that both spouses are responsible for. Thus, it is important to separate your accounts from those of your spouse as soon as you can. This can eliminate the opportunity for an angry spouse to acquire huge bills in both of your names.

Build your credit.

It is important to build up your own personal credit if many of your financial transactions have been shared with or handled solely by your spouse. By paying your own individual bills on time and acquiring new accounts in your name, you can build your own credit history.

Your credit rating will play an important role in your financial health after the divorce.

Document time with your children.

If you would like to obtain sole custody of your children, be sure to document your interactions. Having proof that you have been the primary caregiver in your children's life can help you argue your case for sole custody. Photos of you at your children's ball games, school events and birthdays are helpful. Some documentation may be easily obtained from your social media account if you actively post photos and comments chronicling your life.

Be sure that the information supports the stable, nurturing environment that you are able to foster for your youngsters. A judge will award custody based on the best possible environment for your little ones.

It is also important to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney in your area, such as those at Kalamarides & Lambert. Obtaining legal guidance as soon as possible can help ensure that your divorce is favorable for you. Contact a law office to make an appointment.


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