Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

3 Ways To Find An Attorney To Help With Your Divorce If You Are Low-Income

Norman Kelly

If you fall into the low-income category, you may think that you aren't able to afford a lawyer to help you with your divorce. That means that you may try to do your divorce on your own and you may not get the terms that you want from your divorce, especially if your spouse is able to afford an attorney. However, there are things that you can do to get an attorney to help you, even if you are low-income.

Legal Clinics

There are often legal clinics in an area that you can use. These clinics are specifically designed in order to help people who would otherwise not be able to afford access to an attorney. These clinics may be a stand-alone clinic, or they may be affiliated with a law school if there is one in your area. You may not be able to get a lawyer who will represent you in court, but you should at least be able to get an attorney who will answer your questions and help you understand what is going on. 


Many law firms have attorneys who offer their services either pro-bono or at an extremely discounted rate. This will allow people who are low-income to get access to an attorney who will help them file and represent them in court. Many of these pro-bono attorneys are going to be brand new attorneys or people who are waiting to take the bar exam. These attorneys know how to file divorces and how to help you get your divorce; they just may not be very experienced at it yet. 

Dedicated Practices

There are some divorce lawyers who have practices that are dedicated only to working with women or working with men. These law firms specialize in taking cases where the rights of one parent or the other are being affected by the divorce. Those rights can include things like demands for child support or child custody conflicts. These attorneys also tend to get involved in cases where claims of spousal or child abuse have been raised. If you have such a case, you can present it to an attorney at one of these law firms and see if they are interested in your case and if they will discount their fees so that you can afford them. 

Getting a divorce is rarely a simple process. Being able to find an attorney like one from Eschbacher Law to help you will make the process easier. 


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