Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

  • Not an Excuse: How Incarceration Affects Child Support

    Divorcing parents who have children will inevitably deal with child support as part of their divorce. In almost all cases, the parent who doesn't take full custody is ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. Child support, once ordered, will stick like glue to the responsible parent. Read on to find out how a child support obligation may withstand even incarceration. Changes in Circumstances As part of a divorce, issues that have to do with minor children are usually left open.

  • Understanding The Different Types Of Child Custody Agreements

    Typically, estranged partners each get a lawyer to represent them in court when going through a divorce. Child custody is usually the main point of focus here, where one or both parents want to receive custody of their offspring. This often ends in an arrangement recognized by the court as a fair compromise for both parents on the child's behalf.  Sometimes things can get messy, and that's when a child custody lawyer might come in handy.

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Talking About Family Attorney Services

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