Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

How Much Information Should You Disclose to a Divorce Attorney?

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If you just hired a divorce attorney, you're probably unsure how much information you should share with them. Remember that everything you discuss is confidential, and the lawyer is not obliged to share. 

Nonetheless, it's challenging to be completely honest since some issues in marriage are highly personal and embarrassing. So, how much information should you disclose? You should be honest with your divorce matters.

Your Marriage History

As a routine follow-up, your divorce lawyer needs to know your marriage history. Details like how you met, how long you have been married, and other background information are considered necessary. You should also mention the cause of the divorce and who initiated the divorce process.

Therefore, you should chronologically organize your marriage history. If possible, you can also add in important dates and their significance. Additionally, mention the assets you and your spouse own jointly or those that you both purchased.

Any Detail About Your Marriage

When discussing with your divorce attorney, you need to share all relevant details to enable them to anticipate and deal with any potential problems. While you may perceive some details as unnecessary, you should still mention them and leave it upon the attorney to decide whether they're relevant or irrelevant. 

If you're uncertain about how much the attorney needs to know, you can briefly mention the issue and get guidance. 

Any Sensitive Information Regarding the Marriage

Marriages have their ups and downs, and nobody understands that better than your divorce attorney. You probably don't think sharing about the previous physical abuse in your marriage is necessary. Still, your attorney needs to know to prepare a strong case or defense in your favor.

If you were also having an affair, you need to share it with your attorney, no matter how shameful it may feel. Marital cheating is a sensitive issue that might pop up along the way, even if you think your partner is in the dark about it. 

Besides, during divorce processes, attorneys can hire private investigators to dig up information. So, if your spouse suspects you're having an affair, it might place you at a disadvantage. You should also mention if you contracted sexually transmitted infections from your partner or if you have acquired any assets without the knowledge of your partner. 

Don't Shy Away from Getting Into Details with Your Attorney

A divorce is a sensitive process that digs deep into the past. It also brings up a range of emotions and embarrassment, which causes most clients to withhold information. However, for your attorney to represent you accordingly, you need to disclose every detail. Your divorce attorney is your representative, therefore, don't hold back on any detail.


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