Talking About Family Attorney Services

Talking About Family Attorney Services

Examining The Reasons You And Your Spouse Might Consider Legal Separation

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While many couples that want to be apart want to divorce as soon as possible, some others only want separation and not divorce. A couple may want to end their relationship with one another but be bound in marriage for financial or religious reasons. Learn more about legal separation and whether it would be a good option for you and your spouse.

Remaining Married Due To Religious Beliefs

For some couples, getting a divorce is forbidden by their religious beliefs. For these couples, ending their relationship as a married couple can be tough to achieve, hence the need for a court ordered legal separation. During a legal separation, couples are still married but live independent lives in their own households. Couples may choose to pay alimony to their spouse or child support to the parent the kids decide to live with. These kinds of financial arrangements are called separation maintenance. One great thing about legal separation is it leaves the door open for easier reconciliation of the union.

Legal Separation Allows Couples To File Joint Tax Returns

Couples that are legally separated can still file their taxes together because they are still married. Some couples do not end their marriage solely for this reason. If you or your spouse has documentation from the court stating that you receive spousal payments like alimony, you can use it as a deduction of your returns even though you are still legally married. However, in order to claim this type of deduction, you and your spouse will need to have lived in separate households for the year you are filing for.

Staying Married While Separated Can Make Insurance Coverage Easier

If your spouse's employment health insurance has been your coverage for a long time, you may not favor trying to get a new policy with someone else after you get a divorce. For some couples, it is easier to legally separate and remain married for maintaining their health insurance coverage through an employer. Couples that have to take certain medication every day or those that require frequent medical treatments may want to consider this reason for legal separation instead of outright divorce.

Legal separation can work well for couples that remain on good terms, but it can also work if you and your spouse argue a lot. During a legal separation, you and your spouse can view your marriage as a business matter instead of a binding of two people in love. Click here for additional info about entering into a legal separation with your spouse.


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